HSE Policy

                                                                          HSE Policy

The company is committed to protecting the health and safety of everybody involved with out activites, the people who come into contact with our activities and the physical and natural environments in which we work. Safety is given prime importance while executing the projects at site. The whole execution works are performed in accordance to the project specific safety plan to avoid any safety hazard.

We continuously seek to reduce the Environmental footprint of our operations and related activities by disposing wastes safely and responsibly after taking measures to reuse & recycle. Also minimize emissions, discharges and waste generation to environment and commit to prevention of pollution.

To Assess all operational activities and potential changes, to identify significant Hazards or Environmental impacts and to implement appropriate measures to ensure that exposure to such risk are maintained to minimum as reasonably and to strive to prevent the occurrence of accident or exposures, that could harm or damage , to individuals including the public or the Environment.

"“We Cultivate Teamwork and Encourage Employee Participation in Striving for Continual Improvement of Health, Safety and Environmental system."

"The QHSE policy will be integrated at all levels of our company and is the responsibility of management with the active sypport of all our staff. "


J B Mani
Managing Director