Human Resource Policy

                                                                                HR Policy

We are sure tha human being is the most valuable asset in our organization, by and through which the end objectives can be feasible and successfully achieved. It is a living tool and medium for getting the end output.

The core details are:

  • To contribute positively on quality and standard of life of people and society by our approach to business.
  • To explore the core values of integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility.
  • To offer the best opportunity for continuing personal development in knowledge and skill.
  • To provide a comfortable work environment.
  • To be equal and fair on giving opportunity of growth and progress.
  • To nurture mutual trust & teamwork.
  • To cultivate the culture enabling process like good moral, ethics and self values.
  • To comply all statutory laws and regulations as our responsibility towards state by our true sense of respect towards the system and Administration.

J B Mani
Managing Director