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Architecture and Maintenance

sl no Descriptions
1 Periodical maintenance of all piping and structural fabrication and erection jobs
2 Periodical maintenance and attending flange joint links in steam / process / water service line / gland packing / Rigging / valve change / spading / despading.
3 Periodical maintenance of opening, cleaning and box up of following:
a- Burner guns,
b- Lube oil filters & strainers.
C- Scoot blowers.
4 Maintenance jobs ( only filters ) on turnkey basis for rotary equipments.
a- PM jobs
b- CR jobs
c- OH jobs
5 Periodical ot tapping in pipelines.
6 IBR approved contractor for HRSG / boiler cleaning & annual inspection.
7 Periodical painting of piping, tanks, structures, equipments & valves in plant / workshops, sand/grit/cooper slag/shot/ash blasting services.
8 Periodical In situ lapping & reconditioning of valves.
9 Periodical in situ machining & serration of flanges.
10 Periodical Insulation of piping, vessels & equipments.
11 Periodical on line leak sealing of steam & other service lines & joints.
12 Periodical Opening and box up of exchange end covers, equipment man holes & pipe line flanges.
13 Periodical PVC / FRP / PP / HDPE lines fabrication.
14 Periodical Repair & retubing of heat exchangers.
15 Periodical Repair & maintenance of platform and pallet trucks.
16 Periodical Replacement of loading hoses / arms.
17 Periodical Wrapping coating of underground pipelines.
18 Periodical Repair / maintenance / replacement of column tray.
19 Periodical reformer tubes repair / maintenance.